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Other Services

We provide awesome services. Find the most affordable and responsive services the best suits your needs.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great way to promote products and/or services to develop relationships with potential customers/clients. We are always ready to create an eye catching email templates for you which you can use with any third party marketing tool like MailChimp, HubSpot etc.

Web Scraping

Web Scraping is a method/technique to read data from website and store them in required format. You can store scraped data in csv, excel, MSSQL or drive spreadsheet or any kind of storage source media.

Here are the highlights of web scrapping services provided,
- Web scraping in C#/Jquery/Javascript
- Data scraping from software
- Email Collection
- Download images

Below are few project details we have already worked on,
Just Dial Scraping - JustDial is a well known search service provider company. You can do filter and search 10 to 20 data at a time and then do paging for another records. No excel dump is there. Justdial scraper gives a same interface with search all record at one click facility and also allow user to export all data into excel with well organized structure.

Hotel scraping - This system browse all the hotels and their booking status from their website and display all them into one place.

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Google Apps Script

Google Apps Script adds more functionality to the google documents like google docs, google spreadsheets, google sites, google forms etc. We will help you to set up your google products more functional way.

We have worked on many projects, here are the highlights of few projects.
1) Email Automation from spreadsheet
2) Calendar Event Automation based on data in spreadsheet.
3) Creating/Modifying/Deleting row based on button click in spreadsheet. Different buttons were created for Insert/Update/Delete Row in spreadsheet. Different functions has been created for all those buttons in google script.
4) LinkedIn scrapping. This program mainly used to display total count of people based on particular filter from LinkedIn using LinkedIn url. There are two main columns into main spreadsheet. User will put LinkedIn link into column A and program will automatically run that url scrap total count from url and display in column B.

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